Know If I Have Forward Controls On My 2007 Harley Sportster

The Harley-Davidson Sportster family of motorcycles represents one of the first commercially produced super bikes available to the general public. Its signature peanut gas tank and available 1,200-cc “small-twin” engine make it a favorite among riders. Riding position and foot controls come in two general configurations: standard and forward. Determination of your particular model will be based upon foot placement and riding position.


1. Have a friend hold the motorcycle upright and level for you.

2. Sit on the bike and place your feet on the foot pegs.

3. Observe your riding position and the angle of your legs. If your feet are underneath you, your knees are at an acute angle, and the pegs are underneath and slightly to the rear of the rear cylinder, you have standard controls. If your feet are slightly forward of your body, with your knees at a more open angle and the pegs are forward and near the front cylinder, you have forward controls.