Know If It Is A Carrillo Rod

Carrillo rods are made for a range of cars and some motorcycles.

CP Pistons-Carrillo is a company that offers high quality parts and equipment for U.S. domestic cars, sport compact cars, powersport vehicles, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, bullet cars and custom products. Founded in Irvine, California, in 1963, Carrillo has earned the reputation as the top manufacturer of custom connecting rods in the world.


1. Look for the label. All real Carrillo rods have a laser etching across the flattest part of the rod. Compare this etching with a product you know to be genuine Carrillo or with products featured on the Carrillo website to verify its authenticity.

2. Compare the design to other connecting rods. Crower, Stoker, Oliver, WiseCo and many other companies make connecting rods, but they have subtle differences from a Carrillo connecting rod. Carrillo makes connecting rods with premium steel, so it has an even silver tone through the whole piece. The headpiece is more streamlined than other companiesconnecting rods, and because Carrillo rods are made in small batches, each Carrillo piece will be an almost-exact match.

3. Call customer service. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of your connecting rod, call Carrillo’s California office at (949) 567-9000, its North Caroline office at (704) 664-2515 or email the rod sales department at