Lace A Zipper Insert To Cg Boots

A zipper insert looks like a traditional zipper, except that it features eyelets or round holes on each side. The holes are covered with a metal grommet, which keeps the fabric from wearing out. Zippers worn with boots, such as the CG boots, is a look popular with former military personnel and those who like the outdoors. When you have the zippers laced into your boots, you can skip fussing with your shoes all the time. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Remove the current laces from the boots. Hold the zipper against one of the boots, lining the eyelet on the right side with the right eyelet on the boot. Push the shoelace through the zipper eyelet and through the boot eyelet and pull it out.

2. Move to the left side of the boot and push the shoelace through the bottom eyelet on both the zipper and the CG boot. Pull the shoelace through the back of the boot, as you pull on the other side of the lace. Pull up until both sides of the shoelace are even.

3. Hold the shoelace from the right side in your hand and slowly push it through the eyelet above the bottom one. Keep pushing until it comes through the front. It should go through both eyelets: the one on the boot and the one on the zipper.

4. Push the shoelace through the next eyelet, staying on the same side. You want to weave the shoelace in and out each eyelet on the right side of the boot. Keep going until you reach the last eyelet and then tie a knot at the top. Trim off the excess shoelace with the scissors.

5. Return to the left side of the boot and repeat this method. Push the shoelace through the eyelet and pull out the back of the boot. Then push it through the next eyelet and keep weaving until you reach the top of the CG boot. Tie off the lace and cut again.