Learn About Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson is an American icon.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company has long held a high ranking among the elite motorcycle manufacturers of the world. Their motorcycles are vastly popular and their riders feel prestigious in ownership. Harley-Davidson’s extensive history of excellence and the variety of its products appeal to many types of motorcycle riders. Finding out about the Harley’s history, culture, design, development and the bikes themselves is an education.


1. The easiest place to begin learning about Harley-Davidson Motor Company is its informative website. It directs visitors to company history, new and vintage motorcycles, the Harley-Davidson Museum, racing, and Harley-Davidson accessories. The site even offers access to motorcycle riding training courses and visitors can search for pre-owned motorcycles.

2. Take a free tour at a Harley-Davidson manufacturing facility. Vehicle Operations in York, Pennsylvania, is the largest of the Harley-Davidson factories. Tourists visit the factory floor to witness the assembly of the Touring and Softail® models. Chrome plating and welding are points of interest.

Vehicle and Powertrain Operations is located in Kansas City, Missouri, and tours begin with a video before tourists are lead to the factory floor where they observe robotics, frame bending, and laser cutting, along with crankcase and cylinder-head assembly.

Tomahawk Operations, in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, is devoted to the manufacture of fiberglass and plastic parts, which includes side car, windshield, and custom manufactured parts.

Powertrain Operations is located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. This is the site for the manufacture of Harley-Davidson engines and transmissions.

3. Visit the Harley-Davidson Museum at 400 W. Canal St in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Specialized group tours, exhibits and special events teach about Harley-Davidson culture and history. Harley-Davidson artifacts and galleries are on display.

4. Attend the Harley-Davidson Fantasy Camp in Milwaukee, which offers an extensive education over a five day period about Harley-Davidson design and manufacturing. There are visits to factories and development centers, and campers are provided with motorcycles during their time and meet company executives.

5. Talk to the dealers. Harley-Davidson dealerships continually offer training to employees through the Harley-Davidson University, so employees should be able to give knowledgeable answers to technical and general questions that customers and interested parties may have.

6. Read reviews. Various websites give information and reviews of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. (See Resources)

7. Buy or borrow a book. Any bookstore with books on motorcycles will include, at the very least, images of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Visit a library and look for a book on motorcycles under Dewey-Decimal number 388.347. The Harley-Davidson name is so well respected and represented in the world of motorcycles that information on the company and its motorcycles is certain to be found there.