Learn To Ride An Electra Townie

The Electra Townie functions best on paved terrains.

Electra manufactures bicycles for riders of all ages. The Electra company offers tandem bicycles that allow you and a friend to ride simultaneously. The Original Townie model from Electra features a construction that closely resembles that of a beach cruiser. The Sport Townie model enables you to perform BMX tricks. Electra created an innovative bicycle frame design to help you maintain a comfortable riding stance. According to Electra, the Townie features a bike seat that sits 23 degrees farther back than the conventional bicycle seat. This relaxed seating position allows you to easily place your feet onto the ground.


1. Lift your leg over the seat of your Electra Townie. Lower yourself to sit in an upright position on the bike seat. Place your hands around the corresponding grips of the handlebars. Place your left foot onto the correlating pedal while balancing yourself with your right foot.

2. Push off the ground while rotating the left pedal in a forward direction. Keep the front wheel of your Electra Townie straight as you begin to gain momentum. Lift your right foot and place it flat onto its corresponding pedal. Rotate the pedals forward to increase your speed.

3. Keep your shoulders parallel with the ground to ensure a balanced riding stance. Push forward on the right side of your handlebars to turn your Electra Townie to the left. Lower your left shoulder to remain stabilized as the bike begins to turn.

4. Push forward against the left side of your handlebars to steer to the right. Lower your right shoulder to shift your body weight. Straighten your front wheel to correct your riding path. Identify the braking mechanism located under the right handlebar grip.

5. Pull back on the braking lever to reduce the speed of your back tire. Lean back to remain balanced as the bike slows to a stop. Practice these fundamental turning and braking techniques to master the basics of your Electra Townie.