Leather Messenger Bags For Women

Leather Messenger Bags for Women

Messenger bags have over-the-shoulder straps that continue across the chest and back, and have become a fashion rage in recent years. They are also known as carry-alls or courier bags. Ladies messenger bags constructed out of leather are giving stiff competition to the popular old backpack. Leather messenger bags for women are high-end versions of messenger bags and tend to be very expensive when made of premium leather. Does this Spark an idea?


Originally, messenger bags were used during war periods to carry documents and maps. Linemen used them to carry their tools, and courier and postal employees used them as well. The De Martini Globe Canvas Company in New York City did the first commercial production of canvas messenger bags during the 1950s. Today, messenger bags are available in leather as well as canvas and other fabrics for both men and women.


Ladies leather messenger bags are ideal for carrying office files, a laptop, documents, books and writing supplies when you go to your office, college or school. Their spaciousness makes them wonderful travel bags as well. The leather exteriors and strong straps extend durability to the bag. You can append utilitarian accessories like flashlights, phone holders and U-locks to these bags. Some bags also feature compartments for cell phones and cameras.

Besides being functional, their chic appearance enhances your style quotient. Unlike old-fashioned, masculine briefcases and attaches, these bags are trendy, compact and easily manageable for women. These shoulder bags are a convenient option for women who find using knapsacks cumbersome or painful due to back problems.


Large, leather laptop messenger bags for ladies come with a specialized laptop compartment with padding for damage prevention. Zip-up slip pockets, pen pouches and organizers are also provided in these. These flip open style bags offer additional slip pockets under the flap. Small sized messenger bags with attractive slim profiles and roomy organizers are also available for women.

Ladies leather messenger bags made of full grain leather, vegetable tanned leather, man-made leather, soft Nappa leather, Hunter leather or superior quality thick Italian leather are available. Color options include black, ruby red, brick red, tan, dark brown, espresso coffee shade and light brown. They feature plain, quilted or distressed textures. They come with snap close magnetic buttons, or close with buckles or Velcro fixings. They always possess adjustable straps. Designer versions may have saddle styles/handles. Classic vintage versions may be very pricey but they will never go out of fashion and complement any type of outfit.


The Gucci brand is the most expensive option; these bags possess incredible looks and elegance. Other high-end brands include Mulholland Brothers and Zappos. Stella McCartney faux patent leather ladies messenger bags are animal friendly and can withstand inclement weather.

Luxury designer ladies leather messenger bag brands include Prada and Fendi. Dolce and Gabbana sells a range of expensive, stylish and beautifully ornamented 100 percent leather ladies messenger bags. Other popular brands include Finanza and Le Donne.

Where to Buy

Large department stores sell branded leather messenger bags for women. However, if you have budget constraints you could opt for buying these bags from clearance sales at online stores such as eBay, Google, Amazon, Fossil and LL Bean, where you can get an authentic one at a discounted wholesale price.