Lift A Dropped Motorcycle With No Assistance

Learn to return your motorcycle to its upright position.

Falling over on your motorcycle can be a frightening experience. After you fall off, however, you need to assess yourself and your bike. If everything appears to be OK, you’ll need to return your bike to an upright position. If someone is around, ask for assistance as raising a motorcycle by yourself is difficult. If no one is around make sure you know the proper method for lifting your bike.


1. Check the area to make sure it is clear and safe. Stop the engine, turn off the gas and if you can, make sure the bike is in gear. If the bike is on its right side, put the kickstand up before trying to lift it.

2. Lean your rear against the mid-section of the seat, as if you were sitting sideways on the bike. Try to position yourself so your bottom is not too close to the edge. If you do not hit the right spot, it will be difficult to raise the motorcycle.

3. Grab the handlebar grip with the hand closest to it. Pull the handlebars as close to the gas tank as you are able. Find a place to grab with the other hand.

4. Put your feet fairly close together. Press the bike using your legs and rear to lift it up. Keep your back straight or you could injure yourself.

5. Use your hands to guide the back as you are raising it with your legs and rear. When you have the bike sufficiently lifted, reach the hand that is not on the handlebars over and grab the other grip. Straighten the handlebars.

6. Put the kickstand down when the motorcycle is back upright.