Load From Sony Camcorder To Mac

Sony makes a variety of different camcorders that can be used for everything from shooting short videos for the Web to shooting full-length films. If you have a Macintosh computer you can transfer video from your Sony camcorder to your Mac quite easily in just a few steps.


1. Open iMovie (included with all Mac’s and designated by a camcorder icon on the computer’s desktop) or your preferred video editing program.

2. Connect your camcorder to your computer through the USB or firewire port on your computer. Older camcorders will typically use firewire while more recent camcorders typically use USB 2.0. Your camcorder will come with the appropriate cable to connect it.

3. Put your camcorder in “play” mode. The switch on your camcorder should be directly beside where you power it on to record videos.

4. Power the camcorder on.

5. Press the “Import” button that appears on your computer’s screen within the video editing program. Your Sony camcorder should start playing your video and importing it onto your computer. If the video does not start importing, press the play button on your camcorder to initiate the video capture.