Locate Shocks For A Yamaha Motorcycle

Shocks help your Yamaha motorcycle move smoothly over the road.

When the ride on your Yamaha motorcycle is less than smooth, you may need to replace the shocks. The shocks on your bike absorb the impact as the bike moves over uneven roads. Several retail options are available where you can purchase the right shocks. It’s best to shop for the best price.


1. Purchase parts directly from the source, especially if you have a Yamaha warranty on your shocks. You can find a local Yamaha dealer on the Yamaha Dealer Locator. Tell them which shocks you need. If you aren’t sure, they’ll be able to help you.

2. Go to a local motorcycle retailer, even if they don’t specifically stock Yamahas. They should have access to the type of shocks you need and can help you find the correct part if you give them the model and year of your Yamaha.

3. Purchase parts online. There are hundreds of retailers who sell Yamaha parts over the Internet, including jcwhitney.com, bikebandit.com and motorcycle-superstore.com. If you have the product information for your shocks, you can find them on an online site and have them sent to you. You will have to pay shipping if you order your shocks online.