Lock Your Helmet

Replacing a helmet is expensive, so lock it up.

As any motorcycle rider will tell you, wearing a helmet is one of the safest things you can do to protect yourself from injury during a crash. Helmets are often large and also in the way once you’re off of your bike. You don’t want to leave your helmet sitting on your motorcycle, because it might get stolen, and it’s a hassle to carry it around because of how bulky motorcycle helmets are. There are methods to lock your helmet onto your motorcycle for both safety and convenience.


1. Choose a style of lock. Depending on what motorcycle you are riding, the lock you choose may differ. Some motorcycles come with locks built onto the bike, but they might not always have the greatest length to them. If this is the case, one solution is to buy a lock extension. A lock extension will connect to the built-in lock and extend the length that it reaches out. If your bike does not have a built-in lock, other locks include an add-on lock, a metal leash lock, or a combination lock, which all connect to the bike and use “D” rings to connect to the helmet.

2. Place your lock on your motorcycle. When placing the lock, make sure that it will not fall in the way while you are riding or cause any sort of obstruction. It is important to keep safety in mind when putting your lock on your motorcycle.

3. Make a set of spare keys, and keep them either with someone you trust or at home. Riding on the road could lead you to forget your lock key, or there is always the chance that you might lose the key. To avoid having to break off your lock to get your helmet, or deal with the hassle of an endless search for your key, make an extra copy as a backup.