Locks To Harley Police Saddlebags

Check to see what kind of lock your saddlebag accommodates.

Harley-Davidson saddlebags are a good home for important documents. Many Harley saddlebags contain built-in locks, though not all do. With a few quick tools, however, you can install a lock onto a saddlebag that doesn’t have a built-in lock. And if your lock is broken, a replacement lock is much more affordable than buying another saddlebag. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Locate the area where you want to install the lock. It should be positioned just above the opening on the saddlebag. Line up the lock so you can see how far down the lock clasp will go when the lock is engaged. It needs to go deep enough to withstand force and to keep the saddlebag securely locked. Mark where you want the lock positioned.

2. Place the lock on the marked position. Use a marker to draw out the diameter of the hole you need to cut.

3. Insert the correct drill bit onto the marked hole and engage the tool. Continue drilling until the hole is completely bored.

4. Insert the lock into the hole so that the face of the key, where the key is inserted, is facing outwards and the locking mechanism is inside the saddlebag. You might have to push the lock face through the hole from inside the saddlebag, as the locking mechanism won’t fit through the hole.

5. Test to ensure the lock is snug and fit. Drill screws in the side of the lock to secure it to the saddlebag cover. Test out the lock with the key to make sure it is correctly installed.