Look For An Aftermarket Motorcycle Seat For A Harleydavidson

Buying the softest seats for your Harley isn’t the answer, as eventually seats will flatten until you are sitting on metal, Just Motorcycle Seats notes.

Some Harley-Davidson owners may be happy with their stock seat, but many owners like to buy their own and customize its skin, style and — especially — comfort. There are several companies that offer a wide selection of after-market Harley-Davidson seats that allow you to choose the perfect seat for your ride. You just need to know what to look for.


1. Visit the websites of companies that specialize in Harley-Davidson seats, such as Le Pera, Tejas Thump Cycles, Harley Seats or Steel Thunder Custom Cycles.

2. Browse through several seats and examine the specifications for each one. Look for seats with high-density foam in the middle and bottom sections and a leaner layer of soft foam nearest your buttocks. That type of seat will provide cushioning and still spring back to its original form after you’ve sat on it, whereas the cheaper, seemingly softer seat will flatten under your weight over time, according to Just Motorcycle Seats.

3. Narrow it down to seats that are fairly wide and curved, and with the lowest section of the saddle as far back as possible. Pick seats that accommodate your posture; in other words, pick one with the seat well as close to the rise in the back if you tend to sit upright, and farther forward if you tend to slouch.

4. Choose a seat with a marine-grade vinyl, which has the look and breathability of leather but is cheaper and is not damaged by rain, advises Just Motorcycle Seats.