Look Sinister

Look Sinister

Whether you are trying to add a “face” to enhance your Halloween costume or you are working on a character for a play, learning to look sinister will help create that imagery. While you may think it’s hard to “act,” there is actually a very technical aspect on a way to make yourself look sinister. Here’s how.


1. Clench your jaw by biting down on your back teeth. People who are sinister have very hard, angular looking faces. By clenching your jaw, you will accentuate those angular features.

2. Squint your eyes close together. While you shouldn’t appear “squinty-eyed” if someone were to look at you, your eyes should appear narrow in stature as if you are hiding something.

3. Wear a concealing hat or hood. People who are sinister are not open or friendly. They are covered; they give us a sense of mystery. Conceal half of your face by wearing a hood or tugging a baseball cap low.

4. Stare straight at your intended target. The term “lock eyes” comes to mind. Focus intently and intensely on the other person and do not flinch first.

5. Make sudden deliberate movements. The final way to look sinister is to move toward your intended foe with vitriol. Make your steps broad and specific, not meek and meager. The person you are trying to intimidate will cower in no time.