Look Up Old Harley Muffler Parts Numbers

Find a muffler for your old Harley motorcycle.

According to the Hot Bike Baggers online motorcycle review, the top five antique Harley Davidson motorcycles are the Panheads (1948-1965), the Flatheads (1929-1974), the Knuckleheads (1936-1947), the Shovelheads (1966-1970) and the K models (1952-1956). For antique Harley Davidson enthusiasts, restoring such models is a favorite pastime and requires some knowledge of where to find and purchase compatible parts.


1. Go to the Dennis Corso website. View the available mufflers that fit various antique Harley motorcycles. The part numbers appear in the description.

2. Go to the Retrocycle homepage. Type “Harley muffler” in the search box. Press “Search.” The results display old Harley mufflers along with the part numbers.

3. Launch the 45 Restoration website. Click “Exhaust, Mufflers and Clamps” from the “Frame Group” category. Search the results for your muffler and associated part numbers.

4. Order a Harley product catalog from the Harley Davidson website. Catalogs for new and old Harley motorcycles are available for purchase.