Low Cost Motorcycle Gifts

Shopping for the motorcycle enthusiast can be done at any price point.

While any motorcycle enthusiast may dream of a new Harley-Davidson or Ducati, a new bike is out of the price range of the average gift giver. Fortunately for those on a budget, there are many great motorcycle gift ideas for almost every price range. Whether your budget is $50, $25 or $10, you can easily find a gift for the motorcycle lover in your life.

Motorcycle Gifts Under $50

If your budget is at least $50, there are several things you can give. An American Motorcycling Association membership can be given for only $39 and includes a subscription to American Motorcyclist, discounts on motorcycling accessories and gear and access to AMA events. A motorcycle fan with a sweet tooth may enjoy a bouquet of six motorcycle shaped cookies for only $47. The Condor Helmet Hanger gives your motorcyclist a place to hang his helmet for just $30. And for a gift a motorcycle fan can wear with his work clothes, consider cuff links designed to look like motorcycle fuel caps for $45.

Motorcycle Gifts Under $25

For $25 or less you can still find many inexpensive motorcycle gifts. Biker glasses, specially designed sunglasses that are shatterproof and block UV rays, retail for as little as $15. “Cafe Society,” a documentary about cafe racers in England, can be purchased for $24.95. A digital tire gauge is an indispensable tool and can be found for $20. Motorcycle models retail for $25 at a 1:10 scale.

Motorcycle Gifts Under $10

Even at $10 or less, there are several novel motorcycle gifts to be found. 1:18 scale versions of your motorcycle lover’s bike can be found for just $8. An iPhone app that reminds the receiver when it is time to perform bike maintenance is less than $3. And a subscription to Motorcyclist magazine can be given for only $10 and will be a gift that will continue to arrive every month.