Lower 1995 Harley 883 Sportster

You can lower your 1995 Harley 883 Sportster on either the front or the back end. Lowering the front requires you to disassemble your forks and install shorter fork springs. Most Sportster riders do not shorten the fork springs for various reasons, including compromised handling. Lowering the rear end of your motorcycle is a simple job that won’t affect the safety of the bike. You can get that slammed-in-the-weeds look for your Sportster by replacing your stock, 13-1/2-inch shocks with shorter ones.


1. Remove your right and left saddlebags. If you have throw-over saddlebags, remove the seat by unscrewing the Allen bolt that secures your seat to the rear fender. You will probably not have to remove your saddlebag supports. If you have bolt-on saddlebags, immobilize the nut inside your fender with a box wrench, then loosen the nut on the outside of the fender with a socket wrench.

2. Raise the bike on a motorcycle jack until the rear wheel is completely off the ground. Make sure your motorcycle is stable.

3. Remove the lower shock mounting bolt and the washer nut on one side of your Sportster. Set them aside for reuse. Remove the upper bolt, washer and cover and set aside for reuse. Remove the shock absorber. Repeat on the other side.

4. Install the new shorter shocks, one side at a time. Put thread locker on the lower shock mounting bolt and reinstall. Reinstall the upper shock mounting bolt, using thread locker. Repeat for the opposite side.

5. Lower the bike carefully and support on the jiffy stand. Reinstall the saddlebags and the seat.