Lower The Air Shocks For A Harley Road King

The Harley-Davidson Road King has a built-in air-ride system to control the stiffness of the suspension. Raising or lowering amount of air in the air-ride system will not lower or raise the motorcycle height. Raising or lowering amount of air affects the dampening of the suspension. With less air, you will feel fewer bumps but your motorcycle will bottom out more often. With more air, you will feel more bumps in the road and you will experience a stiffer ride.


1. Empty the saddlebag on the right side of the Road King and remove the bolts inside the saddlebag that hold the bag onto the rear fender. Place the saddlebag off to the side so you can access the air valve for the suspension.

2. Locate the air valve for the air system directly behind the top shock mount. You will see a small cut-out in the fender. The air valve is located in that cut-out.

3. Thread the manual air pump onto the air valve on the Road King. As you thread the pump onto the valve, it opens the valve and air will escape as long as you do not thread the pump on all of the way. It works just like the air valve on a tire. You can release as much pressure as you want and then add pressure back if needed by threading the pump onto the valve all the way to complete the seal and then by operating the manual hand pump.