Lower Your Time Warner Cable Bill

You can save up to hundreds of dollars per year with cable discounts.

Time Warner Cable, like other cable and satellite television providers, regularly raises its rates for even the most basic channel packages. Additional services, such as on-demand movies and premium channels, cost extra. While the price of cable TV continues to skyrocket, you don’t need to cancel your service to avoid high fees. Time Warner Cable offers money-saving promotions to new customers, and existing customers can take advantage of the discounts by negotiating a better channel package or even threatening to cancel their service.


1. Think about your TV viewing habits and decide whether you can remove any channels from your package. If your service includes premium movie channels and you don’t watch them, call Time Warner Cable and ask to remove them.

2. Bundle your cable service with other Time Warner services, such as phone and Internet. You’ll pay less per service by bundling them together.

3. Go to Time Warner Cable’s website (link in Resources) and look for new customer promotions. Visit the websites of other cable providers in your area as well and note any promotions they offer. You will need this information to negotiate a better rate for your service with Time Warner.

4. Call Time Warner Cable and say that you’re unhappy with the cost of your service. Ask if you can get a discount. If you don’t get an offer, explain that you’ve seen their new-customer promotions and other cable provider’s promotions, and you may cancel your service to get a better price elsewhere. The customer service representative will usually offer you a discounted rate.

5. Go to Twitter and express your dissatisfaction with your bill. Address your tweet to @TWCableHelp. Within a few hours, a Time Warner Cable representative will respond and may ask you to send your account information via direct message. Send your account number and wait for a representative to call you and discuss your bill.

6. Cancel your service if you didn’t get the rate decrease you wanted. A retention specialist with Time Warner will usually call you within a few days to negotiate a better deal. This allows you to get the best discounts and promotions only offered to new customers.