M109 Specs

The M109 features a fat rear tire and plenty of chrome.

Japan-based Suzuki Motors introduced the M109 street cruiser as part of its Boulevard line in 2006. This motorcycle featured a fat rear tire, wide handlebars and a relaxed seat for upright riding, plenty of chrome trim on the forks and pipes and a powerful V-twin engine. Prospective buyers can purchase the M109 in the base model M109R or with the “Limited Edition” trim package.


Both models of the M109 draw power from a 1,783cc displacement V-twin engine. A V-twin engine sets its two cylinders at an angled configuration, in this case, 54 degrees. Suzuki outfits this engine with dual overhead cams and its Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) fuel injection system. This engine’s bore measures 4.4 inches with a stroke measuring 3.6 inches and the engine achieves a compression ratio of 10.5 to 1. The V-twin installed in the 2010 models produces 125 horsepower at 6,200 rpm and 118 pound-feet of torque at 3,200 rpm, providing enough power for riders to hit a top speed of over 130 mph.

A liquid coolant system prevents overheating during riding and the semi-dry sump SASS (Suzuki Advanced Sump System) lubricates the engine. Riders can start the bike with the electronic ignition. A pair of spark plugs ignites the fuel-air mix in each cylinder.


Riders can shift through the gears of the five-speed, constant-mesh manual transmission. A shaft drive transfers power to the rear wheel.


Suzuki equips both models of the M109 with tubeless front and rear tires. The front wheel takes a size 130/70R18 M/C 63 V tire while the rear wheel sports a size 240/40R18 M/C 79V tire. Both front and rear wheel wheels use disc brakes, with twin discs mounted on the front wheel. Coil spring, oil-damped suspensions soften the ride on both the front and rear wheels, with the front suspension using an inverted telescopic suspension and the rear featuring a link suspension.


The Suzuki M109 stretches 96.5 inches in length with a wheelbase of 67.3 inches. This motorcycle spans an overall width of 34.4 inches. At the bike’s lowest point, the chassis sits 5.1 inches above the curb and the motorcycle has a seat height of 27.8 inches. Without any fuel or oil, the 2011 M109 weighs 764 lbs. The fuel tank on both models holds 5.2 gallons.