M35 Deuce Motor Types

M35 refers to trucks and other vehicles that have traditionally been used by the U.S. Army. The name deuce comes from a reference to the 2-ton weight of most of these vehicles. While they have been primarily used by the military, they are popular with some non-military consumers. The M35 trucks and motors evolved and improved as time went on and are identified by the names A1, A2 and A3, with A3 being the more advanced type.

LDS-465 Multi-fuel I-6

The LDS-465 Multi-fuel I-6 engine is used by a variety of the M35 vehicles and is the latest version. It is an inline motor that uses a variety of fuels such as diesel, jet, kerosene and gasoline. This motor is 478 cubic inches with six cylinders and a five-speed manual transmission. The horsepower on this motor ranges from 140 to 210.

OA-331 Continental Gas I-6

This older type of engine is known as a “Gold Comet.” It features a gasoline-powered inline-six engine. Most of these motors have a standard four-gear transmission, although a few do have a fifth gear. The horsepower on this motor is a standard 127.

LDS-427 Turbo Multi-fuel

The LDS-427 Turbo Multi-fuel is an older engine type as well. It can use a variety of fuels, and it features a five-gear transmission with the fifth gear being overdrive. The upgrade to LDT means the engine runs cleaner, creating less air pollution.