Mail Order Gifts For Men

Man’s Gift

Choosing presents for a man can be difficult, but mail order catalogs and websites make the job easier. Look through the catalogs at your leisure and mark all the possibilities until you narrow your choices to just a few. Of course, you need to know what kinds of catalogs to browse. Here are a few examples to help you start.

Sports Memorabilia

Sports Memorabilia

Give your man authentic sports memorabilia, and he will display it with pride. Make sure to get authentic items. One way is to deal through well-respected sources, such as ALL Authentic, Upper Deck, Mounted Memories, and Steiner Sports, whose agents view signings firsthand. Radio Frequency Identification of sports memorabilia, still just gaining momentum in 2009, may soon provide a widespread method for sports memorabilia collectors to authenticate items clearly, according to an analysis in The Sport Journal of the United States Sports Academy.

Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Give a metal detector to a man who likes to explore the outdoors looking for hidden treasures. Metal detectors can turn up old coins, pieces of gold, or lost jewelry. Yet, for many men, the adventure is in the quest. Accurate Locators, a metal detector company, explains some of the features to look for when choosing a detector. For instance, a four or seven-inch coil is best in a littered area, and a 10.5 or 11-inch can be used for a clear area. Also, some like a simple two-switch system, while others like a full range of dials.

Weather Instruments


Get a man who enjoys talking about the weather some instruments to give him more facts to talk about. If he already has a cordless thermometer and a rain gauge, get him some of the specialty weather instruments, like a barometer, an instrument to predict thunderstorms, or even an instrument that will measure wind chill. Entire mail order catalogs and websites are dedicated to weather gadgets.

Electronic Music


Send your man an MP3 player for his special day. First, load it with your special songs–those that remind you of one another. Throw in a few fun songs. Choose the genre of music he likes. If he likes blues, do not get him mostly pop. You can mail order the MP3 player, and then you can download the songs from the Internet.

Gift Basket

Gift Basket Items

Hundreds of gift baskets are available on every imaginable theme. Get a golf gift basket with monogrammed golf balls, tees and a golf towel. Select one with his favorite cheese and wine. For the poker enthusiast, opt for a basket filled with poker chips, high quality cards and poker night snacks. Search the catalogs, because your choices are again endless.

Personalized Gift

Buy a gift personalized for the honoree, which is a specialty of some mail order companies. Available are such items as a stainless steel key chain, silver cuff links, a tee shirt, or a coffee mug emblazoned with his name. A monogrammed leather wallet also would make a gift to remember.