Make A 2010 Harley Davidson Road King Louder

The Harley Davidson name is practically synonymous with quality and stylish motorcycles, but there are times when owners of the company’s popular Road King model want to upgrade from the stock exhaust system. Doing so deepens and ups the volume of the King’s engine output, making the cycle a presence to both see and hear. Making small DIY changes to the standard system can help your 2010 Road King to be heard.


1. Squirt a bit of cutting oil into the interior of the muffler’s exhaust opening. Cutting oil severely reduces friction on metal components and prevents sparking that may harm your skin when working. Don the recommended safety gear, such as eye, nose and ear protection.

2. Tighten a metal-working bit into a drill and drill into the baffle, which is the long metallic extension in the muffler’s center. Cut away and remove the endplate, the small circular plate that’s attached to the end of the muffler that controls output, with a hacksaw.

3. Grasp the baffle, weakened and loosened because of the drilling, with a set of pliers and pull gently, but firmly to remove it. This may take a few attempts, and if need be, continue drilling the baffle until it’s loose enough to pull free.

4. Don a heavy duty work glove and manually scrape the interior of the muffler to remove any metal shavings. If need be, consult the owner’s manual on remove the muffler, so that you can hold the piece upside down and let the shavings fall out. Do not, however, blow into the muffler, which will force shavings into the engine.