Make A Bicycle Safety Poster

Bicycle helmets are an important part of bicycle safety.

Bicycle death and injury statistics may alarm you. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Bike Helmet Use Survey, roughly 900 people are killed each year in bicycle crashes, while approximately 567,000 people visit hospitals for bicycle-related injuries.

Make a comprehensive bicycle safety poster to display as an important reminder to exercise bicycle safety—and hopefully avoid becoming a bicycle-related injury or death statistic.


1. Research bicycle safety tips online or at the library. Organize your research into three sections: helmet safety, visibility and basic bicycle safety tips—the largest section which should include any bicycle safety information outside of helmets and visibility.

2. Create a main title for your bicycle safety poster. Use markers or a large word processing font to print the title on unlined paper. Cut out the main title and glue it to the top of your poster board.

3. Create titles for each bicycle safety section. Print the titles and cut out. Glue the basic tips section title in the center of the poster board underneath the main title. Glue the helmet safety and visibility section titles on either side of the basic tips section.

4. Organize your researched sections into lists. List ways to ensure proper helmet fit and wear. List tips on being visible to motorists. List basic bicycle safety tips.

5. Write or print the lists on unlined paper. Glue the lists underneath their appropriate section titles.

6. Cut out bicycle-related photos or drawings. Glue the photos or drawings to the poster board to fill in blank spaces and complement the poster’s information.