Make A Bobber Seat

A bobber seat is a classic look for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

The seat of a motorcycle can be an extension of the rider’s personality. A bobber seat is a saddle-style seat that provides the bike with a unique look. Making a bobber seat at home requires the ability to work with metal, welding and also basic sewing skills. All fabricating materials can be purchased at home improvement stores and the fabric from craft stores.


1. Draw the shape of the seat on a piece of metal with chalk. The classic shape of a bobber seat is similar to a horse saddle, which is large in the back and tapers toward the front in a teardrop shape.

2. Cut out the shape with a cutout disc or jigsaw. File off the rough edges of the seat.

3. Mark drill holes along the edge of the seat. Space the holes 1 millimeter from the edge of the seat and about 1/8-inch apart. Drill the holes with a 1/8-inch drill bit.

4. Shape the seat with a rubber mallet. Form the rounded edges of the seat with pipes or other rounded materials. This may take a few tries to get the look you desire. If you are unsatisfied with the shape, pound it flat and try again.

5. Weld in the mounting bolts onto the bottom of the seat. Two mounting bolts will be toward the front and two in the back. The position of the front bolts depends on the motorcycle. The back two bolts must be clear of the drilled holes made in Step 3.

6. Apply rust-proof paint to the metal to help keep it from rusting and deteriorating from exposure to the elements.

7. Trace the seat shape onto a yoga mat with a marker. Cut out the shape with a pair of scissors. The yoga mat should extend to the edge of the seat. Cut off just over a millimeter around the edge of the mat. This way the foam padding will not cover the drilled holes.

8. Attach the foam to the seat with a strong glue. Allow the glue to dry.

9. Trace the shape of the seat onto a piece of leather with chalk. Add roughly 2 inches around the outside of the shape to allow the leather to cover and overlap the entire seat. Cut out the leather with scissors.

10. Lay the leather covering over the entire seat and tuck the excess material under it.

11. Punch one hole into the leather above the 1/8-inch drill holes made in Step 3. Thread leather lace through the hole until about 3 yards of it is through the hole.

12. Punch a hole in the leather right next to the hole made above and thread the lace through the hole in the opposite direction of the previous hole. For example, if the lace was threaded through the top of the hole first, thread the lace through the bottom of the second hole.

13. Continue punching holes in the leather and threading the leather lace through until all the holes have been threaded with lace. Tie off the lace underneath the seat to finish it off. Cut off any excess with the scissors.