Make A Clutch Basket Tool

Proper tuning of your motorcycle includes maintenance of the clutch basket.

When it is time to tune the engine of your motor bike, there is one piece of equipment that eludes even the best do-it-yourself-mechanics: the clutch basket. The clutch basket hold the clutch plates, which turns the transmission shaft. Although there is a tool to remove the clutch basket, it is very expensive. Innovative riders have developed a home-made tool that deals with the problem effectively and efficiently. You can make your own clutch basket tool and save money rather than spending your cash on a tool that is less effective.


1. Stack 7 clutch plates on top of each other and fasten in the pre-existing hole with 3 to 5 bolts as needed.

2. Weld the steel handle on to the top clutch plate. Be sure to wear your welding glasses and gloves for protection.

3. Test the tool by placing around the clutch center nut that fastens the clutch drum in place. Crank the tool to remove the nut and the basket. If you have difficulty, try a longer handle which will provide greater leverage.