Make A Crossbones Seat More Comfortable

Crossbones seats are usually found on world renowned Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Crossbones seats are a type of motorcycle seat. They are made of leather and are mainly found on Harley Davidson motorcycles. While the crossbones seats do have a layer of padding, sometimes it is not enough to cushion your backside on long trips. Though taking a stretch at least once every 100 miles of traveling is necessary to keep a good bit of the soreness and stiffness at bay, there are other things you can do to make your crossbones seat more comfortable.


1. Put the sheepskin seat cover on the seat of your motorcycle. Once it is secured, sit on the bike. Get a feel for the seat cover and decide if you think you could ride for several hours on the seat cover.

2. Repeat Step 1 using the two different motorcycle seat cushions.

3. Try out the seat cover or cushions you like by taking them on test runs. Place one of them on the motorcycle and drive for 30 minutes. When you get off the bike for a break or when you return home, decide whether or not you like it.

4. Keep the seat cover or cushion you prefer and sell or give away the ones you won’t use.