Make A Custom Chopper Seat

Learn make a custom chopper seat.

The seat of a motorcycle or chopper is integral to ensure your comfort and ease during a long trip. The seat that comes with your chopper might not be the most appealing shape or style. However, you can modify it in a fairly simple way to suit your needs. Create a custom seat for your chopper by adding more comfortable materials at crucial parts of the seat and completely reupholstering it.


1. Remove your factory-standard seat from your motorcycle with a wrench and turn it over to expose the raw edges of the upholstery.

2. Remove the current upholstery with a staple remover until all of the fabric comes off. This will expose the foam seat underneath.

3. Mark the spots on the seat that you want to adjust. Focus on the areas of the seat that you find uncomfortable after an extended riding trip.

4. Draw onto the gel pad in the shapes you want to add to the seat. Cut out the shapes from the gel pad along the lines.

5. Arrange the gel pads on top of the seat and trace the shapes. Cut out the excess foam in your seat so you can insert the gel pads.

6. Cut out the shapes from the seat foam using a grinder. Make sure the cut-outs are at least as deep as the gel pads are thick.

7. Spray the cut-outs in the seat with spray contact adhesive and set the gel pads in their respective spots. Let the adhesive dry thoroughly before moving on.

8. Lay the soft foam sheets over the seat to cover the gel pads. Glue them in place with the spray. Build up any areas that you want to raise and level using the sheets.

9. Shape the seat with the grinder if there are any parts that don’t flow well. Ensure there are no sharp corners or lumps.

10. Cut a piece of the new fabric you want to use for the upholstery and lay it face-down on a smooth, solid surface. Set the new seat foam down on top of the fabric.

11. Pull up the lower-left corner of the fabric and hold it against the underside of the seat. Make sure you are holding the fabric securely, but don’t compress the foam.

12. Secure the fabric down to the underside of the seat with a power stapler. Ensure the staple goes all the way into the seat base or the fabric will tear.

13. Move across to the right side of the fabric and pull up the edge slightly up and diagonally from the first staple. Staple this piece down to the seat.

14. Work in a “Z” pattern across the seat until both sides are firmly attached. Pull the upper and lower pieces up and staple them down.

15. Trim away any excess fabric from the underside of the seat, following the path of the staples. Reattach the seat to the motorcycle.