Make A Dvd With Imovie Hd

Make a DVD with iMovie HD

After making your movie with iMovie HD software, you may want to share it with family and friends, or simply just be able to view it on a television screen by way of a DVD player. To make a DVD with iMovie HD is a simple process. Follow the steps below to turn your computer‘s movie file into a physical DVD for playback on compatible devices.


1. Open your movie project in iMovie HD. Then choose “iDVD” from the Share menu. Upon doing this, a pop up will appear. Simply click “Share.” If another pop up appears that says your movie has to be rendered before sharing, click Render and Proceed.

2. Click the “Themes” button in iDVD after it opens. Your movie will be in the iDVD window. Select your desired theme for your DVD.

3. Click “Preview” to see how your DVD will look. Once you have confirmed that everything is up to par, click “Burn” and insert the blank DVD into your Mac computer.

4. Eject the DVD once it is completed. You will now be able to watch it on your DVD player.