Make A Gas Cap Easier To Turn

Gas caps can be difficult to open for a variety of reasons. People generally don’t think about cleaning the gas cap and the locking mechanism on their cars. The result is that grime and debris build up and make the gas cap more difficult to remove than it should be. Removing a gas cap can be particularly difficult for people with arthritis. According to the Arthritis Foundation, removing a gas cap is among the top five difficulties that arthritis sufferers confront regularly. A number of self-help devices have been created for people with arthritis to help accomplish everyday activities. The Gas Cap Wrench is one of these.


Gas Cap Wrench

1. Purchase a Gas Cap Wrench at an auto parts store. The wrench is also offered by a number of online retailers.

2. Place the wrench over the gas cap on your vehicle. Turn the wrench to loosen the gas cap.

3. Remove the Gas Cap Wrench and gas cap from your vehicle. The wrench may be used for tightening the gas cap as well.

Cleaning a Gas Cap

4. Spray the screwing mechanism with a petroleum-based product.

5. Scrub the locking mechanism with a wire brush to remove dirt, grime and debris. The wire brush will loosen up the gunk. Continue cleaning the locking mechanism with a rag until the locking mechanism is completely clean.

6. Spray the gas cap with a silicone-based spray. Gas caps on modern cars and trucks are made from plastic. Petroleum products eventually cause plastic to deteriorate. Wipe the cap with a rag to clean off all the gunk and debris.