Make A Gsxr More Rider Friendly

Suzuki’s GSX-R sport motorcycles offer uncompromising performance on a smooth race track. But despite Suzuki’s best attempts at increasing rider comfort, the racing-oriented machine places its rider in a crouched position that can cause discomfort after a few miles of riding the motorcycle on bumpy real-life roads. Although the aftermarket provides several options for increasing a GSX-R’s rider comfort, you can make some changes yourself by altering the position of the motorcycle’s controls using simple tools. It may take several attempts and several test rides to tailor your motorcycle to your needs, but the results will be worth the effort. You might find yourself riding in better comfort.


Repositioning the Controls

1. Sit on the motorcycle and lift it off its kickstand. Turn the front wheel until it is pointed straight ahead.

2. Grasp the handlebars and place your fingers on the clutch and brake levers. Take note of any discomfort or awkward feelings in this position.

3. Loosen the brake master cylinder or the clutch lever perch bolts, using an 8mm socket. Rotate either control lever on the handlebar until you feel comfortable with the lever’s position. Tighten the master cylinder or clutch perch bolts, using an 8mm socket.

4. Adjust the clutch and brake levers‘ span, the distance between the handlebar and the lever, using the dial adjusters on the top of the lever. A “1” indicates the that the lever is at its widest point, while “6” brings the lever as close as possible.

5. Lower the motorcycle onto its kickstand. Place your feet onto the feet pegs and assume a riding position. Take note of any discomfort or cramped feelings within your knees and thighs.

6. Unscrew the front foot peg bracket bolts, using an 8mm Allen wrench. Move the foot pegs brackets down to the next set of mounting holes in the frame. Mount the brackets onto the frame, using an 8mm Allen wrench.