Make A Lexan Windshield

You can make a Lexan windshield for your motorcycle.

Lexan is a polycarbonate which makes it a tough durable plastic that is safer than glass. Because of this, it makes a wonderful windshield for boats, motorcycles or cars. Lexan resists chipping, but because it is soft, care must be taken so it doesn’t become scratched. Lexan is simple to cut so you can make or cut down an existing Lexan windshield to the size you want. No need to hire someone else to do this job when you can make a Lexan windshield on your own.


1. Cover both sides of the new Lexan piece with blue masking tape. This helps ensure that the surface will not become scratched as you cut and work with it.

2. Remove the old windshield, trying to keep it intact. You can use this for a pattern.

3. Trace and cut out a pattern. Tape and lay poster board or thin sheets of cardboard over the old windshield. Draw around the outside of the old windshield with a marker onto the poster board. If you need to drill holes in the Lexan, draw these onto the template as well.

4. Lay the template on one side of the Lexan and trace around it with a marker.

5. Cut the Lexan windshield with a jigsaw or saber saw. For the right sized blade to use, ask the sales clerk where you purchased the Lexan.

6. Cut the Lexan slowly and evenly, following the line you previously drew. As you cut, have someone stabilize the windshield for you. This will keep the Lexan windshield from vibrating as you cut.

7. Drill any holes that you may need. Drill holes with a smaller drill bit than you need. Drill the holes again, but this time use a slightly bigger drill bit than the bolts you are using. Do not make the holes the same size as the bolts, because you risk cracking the windshield when installing.

8. Remove the tape from around the outside of the windshield. Leave the rest of the tape on to protect it from scratches.

9. Stand the windshield upright and sand the outside edge with a sanding block equipped with 120-grit sandpaper.

10. Sand the outside perimeter again with 220-grit sandpaper.

11. Remove the blue masking tape. You can now install the new windshield.