Make A Lighted Quilt Hanger For A Wall

Build a lighted quilt hanger to elegantly display your quilts.

Lighted quilt hangers are an ideal way to display quilts. Make your own quilt hanger to custom fit your quilt. Select a quality hardwood such as maple for the project, and adjust the size to your specific needs. The hanger is essentially an upside down rectangular box. The lights are mounted on the inside of the box assembly. Use battery-powered cabinet lights to cast light down on the quilt without the need for any unattractive cords. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Cut the ends of the two 1-by-6-by-48-inch boards and 1-by-6-by-3-inch boards at a 45-degree angle with a miter saw. The angles should be opposing each other so that the four boards will fit together like a picture frame.

2. Place the two 1-by-6-by-48-inch boards parallel to each other on a work surface approximately 3 inches apart. The 1-by-48-inch edges should be flush on the work surface. Position one 1-by-6-by-3-inch board on each end of the 48-inch boards to form a rectangle. The 45-degree angled edges will fit together to form the 90-degree corners of the assembly.

3. Hammer two evenly spaced finish nails through the corner joints to fasten the assembly together. Lay the 1-by-3-by-48-inch board across the top of the assembly. Hammer finish nails through the board into the top edges of the rectangular assembly.

4. Turn the assembly over so that the inside of the assembly is facing you. Evenly space the four quilt hanger clips along one 48-inch inside edge. Drive the screws included with the clips into the 48-inch side with a screw gun.

5. Position the four cabinet lights evenly on the inside of the top board. Fasten the lights to the top board using the included screws and a screw gun.

6. Rout a keyhole slot on the back 48-inch side of the assembly with a router and keyhole bit. Space the slots 6 inches in from each side edge and 2 inches down from the top edge. This will allow you to mount the quilt hanger on the wall using screws.