Make A Paper Electra

Made up of three or more pieces of origami paper, the paper electra’s shape can never end. Finish multiple pieces, and connect the ends of the electra origami paper to form a large three-dimensional shape called electra Icosidodecahedron. Make paper electras, along with other origami paper shapes, to help you recuperate from hand surgery or heal from arthritis by re-strengthening your fingers and hands.


1. Fold one corner of the origami paper to the adjacent corner, open it up, and then repeat with a different corner. When you open the paper, the creases should resemble a cross. Push the four corners together to form two triangles.

2. Open the origami paper, and then bring the right edge of the paper to the middle. Crease the middle of the edges, and then repeat on the opposite side of the paper.

3. Bring the bottom-left corner to the middle, and then crease. Repeat by bringing the three remaining corners to the center. Open the paper so two diamonds and two triangles are showing. The diamonds will be on the outside, while the triangles will be in the middle.

4. Bring the two outer corners of the diamond together to form a diamond-like shape where the top half of the diamond looks like a complete triangle and the bottom half has a cut down the middle.

5. Fold the right corner to the middle crease of the edge that you made in Step 2. Reverse-fold the right corner so it will tuck into the paper. You may have to force the paper in.

6. Turn the paper around, and repeat Step 5. Take the right part of the cut-through bottom diamond shape, fold it, and then tuck it into the shape. This step will make 3/4 of a square.

7. Repeat Step 6 to form a shape that looks like two perpendicular lines, or an electra. Recreate this shape three more times with three more pieces of origami paper. Push the corner of one electra into the flat open edge of another to create a larger electra.