Make A Paper Whirlybird

Make a Paper Whirlybird

Forget all the expensive toys and electronic games. Next time your kids are moaning and groaning with boredom, treat them to some old-fashioned fun with homemade whirlybirds. These aerodynamic little toys take no time at all, very few materials to create–any old scrap of paper will do–and are fascinating to watch. Start by making some basic whirlybirds and challenge the kids to invent new games to play with them.


1. Cut a small strip of paper about 1 inch wide by 6 inches long.

2. Start at one end and cut a slit down the center to the halfway point (about 3 inches) so that each side of the cut is about ½ inch wide.

3. Fold the two half strips down toward the uncut portion of the original strip so that the two halves are each at 90-degree angles from the uncut portion and facing away from one another. (From the side it will look like a letter “T.”)

4. Place a paper clip on the bottom of the uncut strip of paper to act as a weight and to keep the whirlybird in the proper orientation for flight.

5. Hold the whirlybird over your head and release (or toss gently into the air) and watch it spin its way to the ground.