Make A Sexy Calendar For Husbands

Add a little sexiness to a custom calendar for your husband.

The debate rages on whether men are more visual when it comes to sex and romance than women. No matter what side you are on, you likely agree that your husband is attracted to the sight of you dressed provocatively for him. Keep those home fires burning by creating a sexy, personalized calendar as a gift for his birthday, anniversary or simply as a way to keep the romance alive in your marriage. With the use of a tripod and your camera’s automatic-timer setting, you can shoot your own photos and create a gift he won’t expect.


1. Dress up for the New Year’s photo.

Put on your sexiest cocktail dress or evening gown to depict the January image of your calendar. Hold a glass a champagne in one hand while you pose in bright-red lipstick reminiscent of a vintage glamour girl.

2. Pick out something sensual and romantic for February’s calendar shot.

Combine some sensual red or pink lingerie as an outfit for February’s Valentine’s Day photo. February is the month of love, so use your imagination and some heart-shaped accessories.

3. Go green for your St. Patrick’s day picture.

Dress in green and depict a flirty leprechaun for March or use some gold body paint and a sheer rainbow scarf to show your husband you are his personal pot of gold.

4. Get wet for April showers.

Outfit yourself in a white T-shirt and drench yourself with water as if you just got caught in a sudden April shower for the fourth month of the year.

5. Show what April showers deliver in your May picture.

Gather some flowers for your May photo. This month is all about springtime, so dress in playful pastels or floral prints.

6. Take the color of a tradtional wedding dress, white or ivory, and make it sensual for June.

Portray a sexy version of your bridal day for June. If the “June bride” concept won’t make your partner swoon, opt for a spring-into-summer look with a sexy bikini.

7. Show how sexy America can be.

Show your patriotic spirit for July’s calendar page by dressing in red, white and blue.

8. Show him you’re hot and cool at the same time for August’s pic.

Continue the summer theme for your August photo with a swimsuit or short-shorts and a T-shirt. Complete the look with flirtatious shades to look both hot and cool at the same time.

9. Remind him how hot teachers can be.

Don a schoolgirl skirt and pigtails for September’s look. If that is not your style, throw on a teacher’s suit and glasses and give the camera a scholarly wink.

10. Let your imagination run wild to fulfill his Halloween fantasy.

Fulfill his ultimate Halloween fantasy for October’s visual. Choices range from classic Halloween characters, such as a sexy witch or sensual vampire, to otherworldly aliens and monsters.

11. Covering up can be as sensual as lingerie when done right.

Dress for November to depict a Pilgrim or peasant. After all, old-fashioned can still be a turn on when handled creatively.

12. Give him the gift that he’s always wanted.

Throw on a sexy Mrs. Claus or elf costume for his end-of-the-year December surprise.

13. Save all of your photos to a zip drive or disc and take them to a printing store that offers the ability to create calendars. Some on-line services are also available. If you decide you want to maintain the privacy of your photos, choose an at-home option. Use printing software on your own computer to print out the pages. Then punch holes in the top and tie them together with leather or lace cord before presenting him with his one-of-a-kind gift.