Make A Wallpaper In Photoshop

When you spend as much time on your computer as most of us do, it’s fun to look at a specially designed desktop wallpaper that reflects your own personality instead of those standards available with your preferred operating system. Whether you want a photographic look or one with illustrations or text, creating a patterned desktop wallpaper is easy with Adobe Photoshop.

Instructions Merge Layers from the Photoshop main menu. Don’t include your background layer when you merge. That way, you can change the background color later if you want.

4. Now, you are ready to define your design as a Pattern type. With your newly merged design layer highlighted in the Layers window, use the rectangle tool to draw a box around your design including your preferred amount of border space. When you are satisfied with your selection, click Edit > Define Pattern from the main Photoshop menu. In the dialog box, give your design a pattern name and click Ok.

5. Next, create a sample repeating pattern set with your preferred attributes. Start by turning off your original design layer so that it won’t be visible when you are testing your pattern. Select Layer > New Fill Layer > Pattern from the Photoshop main menu. When the “Pattern Fill” dialog box appears, you’ll see a sample pattern selection in the left of the box. Click the arrow beside the sample and select your design from the options. Now, your design should appear in a repeating pattern in your document. Adjust the percentage in the “Scale” box or use the sliding arrow until you get your favorite “look” and size for the pattern. Click Ok. You may want to apply the Sharpen filter to the new pattern layer if your scaling made it appear fuzzy.

6. Now, it’s a good idea to crop your patterned image so that no partial designs are showing. Just use the rectangle tool to select your area. Then, click Image > Crop. Keep the same amount of spacing around all edges of the cropped image so that it can be duplicated to achieve a symmetrical pattern. Save your new repeating pattern as a JPG file.

7. Now, find your computer’s system preference settings that govern your desktop wallpaper. On my Mac, choose System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver. Wherever your settings are on your particular operating system, you can choose your new pattern image as the selection for your wallpaper. Then, you can select the way the pattern is displayed on the screen. In OSX, choose “Tile” from the drop down menu. You can immediately see my customized wallpaper repeated as my desktop wallpaper!