Make An Indian Hair Style

Traditional Indian Style Bun

An Indian hairstyle is elegant, and traditionally involes braids or a bun. Styles have been modified with western influences, but for the most part Indian hairstyles are passed down from generation to generation. A typical Indian hairstyle is placing hair in a delicate bun that is loosely decorated with flowers and beads that can be elaborated, depending on the occasion. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Comb or brush hair, making sure to get out any tangles and knots. Apply a styling cream with your hands and lightly saturate the hair. This will remove any fly-a-ways and cow licks from the hair.

2. Part the hair down the middle and place it in two sections from ear to ear. Grab the first section and pull the hair and loosely secure it in a ponytail. Pull out a few loose strands and place them around them face as seen in traditional Indian hair.

3. Pull the ponytail and twist the hair until you arrive at the ends. Wrap the twisted section in a circular motion until there is no more hair to wrap. Secure the wrapped with bobby pins, making sure to slide them underneath the hair in the twisted section.

4. Grab the other parted section and repeat the above steps until it is wrapped.

5. Grab the second twisted section and wrap it around the first section in a circular motion. Once twisted secure the bun with bobby pins, making sure it is kept as close to the head as possible for a round and smooth appearance.

6. Shake your head to make sure that the bun is secure. Additional bobby pins, hair spray, and gel can secure hair.

7. Add decorative accessories throughout the bun. You can also pull a few additional strands out of the bun to frame the face.