Make Cell Phone Wallpaper For Free

Put a custom wallpaper image on your cell phone for free.

A cell phone wallpaper is a digital image file that is correctly sized to fit on a cell phone background. Wallpaper image size differs with each type of cell phone. Many mobile phone providers offer various downloadable wallpaper images, but they usually charge money for them. Free Mobile Fun, Pix2Fone and Phonezoo are three websites that allow users to create and send free cell phone wallpapers to their cellular phone.


Free Mobile Fun

1. Use Free Mobile Fun’s online wallpaper creator. Select your mobile phone brand and your phone model number from the drop down menu boxes, or select a wallpaper size from the list of preset wallpaper sizes. Click the “Submit” button to continue.

2. Click the “Browse” button from the “Upload an Image” box and select an image file from the hard drive to use for the wallpaper. Or enter an image URL to use an online image file for the wallpaper. Click the “Submit” button to continue.

3. Click and drag the image to reposition it on the onscreen cell phone. This is how it will appear on your phone when finished. Click the “+” and “-” buttons or scroll the mouse wheel to increase or decrease the image site. Click the “Save” button to save the current wallpaper image.

4. Click on the wallpaper image file that appears under the “Your Phone Wallpapers” heading at the top right of the page. Right-click the image and select “Save image as…” to download the wallpaper image file to the hard drive. Or write down the wallpaper image’s code and visit from your cell phone, then enter the code into the “code nr” box to download the wallpaper image directly to your cell phone.


5. Download and install the Pix2Fone browser add-on, available for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Restart your browser.

6. Find an image file on a web page to use for a cell phone wallpaper. Right-click the image and choose “Save Picture to Mobile Phone” from the menu. Click the “Change My Phone” button to select your phone model.

7. Write down your image code and visit on your cell phone to download the wallpaper to your phone. Or select your cell phone carrier from the “Download Link as SMS” box, and enter your phone number into the text box. Click the “Send SMS” button to send the wallpaper to your cell phone.


8. Use the free wallpaper creator from Phonezoo. Sign up for a free Phonezoo account. Check your email account and click on the account verification link, then log in to your new Phonezoo account.

9. Click the “Photos” button at the top of the Phonezoo website, and then select the “Create From File” button. Click the “Browse” button, and select an image file from the hard drive to use as a wallpaper.

10. Use the drop down menu boxes to change the wallpaper image size, or click and drag the square button on the image. Save the wallpaper image to your hard drive or enter your phone number to send the wallpaper image to your phone.