Make Cowgirl Costumes For Halloween

Dress your daughter up as a cowgirl this Halloween.

Halloween gives children a chance to dress up and pretend to be someone or something else. If your daughter wants to become a cowgirl, you can make a costume rather inexpensively. You may even have a few of the items you need already in your home. The rest can easily be found in a thrift shop in your area.


1. Get a denim skirt that has belt loops. Have your daughter put this on, and then insert a leather belt with an extra large buckle through the belt loops and secure it in the front. If you can find a belt buckle with a horse figure on it, give yourself a bonus!

2. Put a red and white plaid shirt on your daughter. Then place a denim vest over that. By doing so, you will make the top and bottom of the cowgirl outfit match.

3. Tie a bandanna around your daughter‘s neck. A red bandanna would look best because it will complement the color of the shirt.

4. Separate your daughter‘s hair into pig tails and use a ribbon to secure them at the bottom. Then top her head with a cowgirl hat. You may also want to have her don a pair of cow earrings, if available.

5. Give your daughter a pair of cowgirl boots to slip on. Then give her a piece of rope in the shape of a lasso to hold. This will complete the genuine cowgirl look.