Make Hd Dvds With An Imac

It is possible to burn your own HD DVDs at home.

All iMac computers come with a CD/DVD burner. However, this burner does not support high-definition Blu-ray or HD DVD recording. Because of this, you must purchase a Mac-supported HD DVD burner that connects via a USB data cable. These devices are available at most electronics stores and instantly give you the ability to create your high-definition video discs.


1. Connect the external HD DVD burner to your computer via a USB data cable.

2. Power on the burner, then insert the software installation CD into the iMac’s internal disc drive. Wait for the installation wizard to load on the screen, then accept the end-user agreement, select “Macintosh HD” as the installation location, and click “Install” to install the program.

3. Insert the blank HD DVD into the burner and launch the installed software.

4. Select “Video DVD” as the format you want to create, then click the “Add Files” option and choose the video files you want on the DVD.

5. Repeat this process with all videos you want on the disc, then click “Burn” to create the HD DVD on your iMac computer system.