Make Hd Dvds

The high-definition DVD is a now-defunct disc format, capable of storing and playing back HD videos. An HD DVD is slightly different from a standard DVD, as it is capable of holding up to three times the data of a regular DVD thanks to the information being more closely imprinted onto the disc. With HD video files containing more data in a singe file, this expanded storage size is necessary. Even though the format is no longer produced, you can still create your own HD DVD, as long as you have the proper equipment.


1. Insert the blank HD DVD into the HD DVD burner, then close out the “AutoPlay” window that loads onto the screen.

2. Select and open the DVD burning program you have installed on the computer.

3. Choose “Video HD DVD,” which is the only HD format capable of playing on your HD DVD player.

4. Choose the “Add File” option (sometimes displayed as a “+” icon) and choose the high-definition video you want to place on the disc. It is possible to import standard-definition video files, but you won’t receive the increased video resolution from the disc.

5. Repeat the import process with all the files you want on the disc and click “Burn.”