Make Manga Studio Wallpaper

Manga Studio is a comic design program that allows you to create comic book characters and designs. After you have created a drawing in Manga Studio, the illustrations are saved as a CPG file. The file extension is also known as a 3dize Cool Page file. This file format is not compatible with the wallpaper feature in your Microsoft Windows operating system. Before your art can become wallpaper for your computer, you must change its file extension.


Export Your Manga Illustration

1. Double-click the “Manga Studio” icon on your computer to open the program.

2. Click “File” then select “Open”. Locate the CPG file you want to open and double-click on it to open it in Manga Studio.

3. Click “File” and select “Export”.

4. Click to choose the location where you want to export the file. The CPG file is now exported as a BMP file — also known as a Bitmap Image File — at the location where you chose to export it.

Make The Illustration Wallpaper

5. Click the “Start” menu on your Windows computer and select “Control Panel”.

6. Type “desktop background” in the “Search” box. Press “Enter”.

7. Click “Change Desktop Background.”

8. Click “Browse” and locate the image you exported. Click the image to select it.

9. Click “OK”.