Make Motorcycle Fenders

Motorcycle fenders with sleek designs can be more attractive than plain fenders.

Motorcycle fenders are often used to change the appearance of the bike for a more attractive look. Motorcycle enthusiasts may want to change the look of the fender for a more personalized feel or replace an old and used fender with a newer lightweight fender. Accidents can also crack and damage a fender which can lead to a full replacement. Although fenders can be purchased, you can build your own motorcycle fender to replace an existing fender with a newer, sleeker one. With the use of an existing fender, you can customize your bike for a personalized look.


1. Obtain an existing used fender such as one from a junk yard that can be obtained for a low cost. The fender does not need to be in mint condition.

2. Clean the used fender with a cloth and degreasing solution to remove any dirt and oil from the surface that can be harmful to creating a new fender. Use a body filler to fill any imperfections on the surface of the used fender. Allow the filler to dry and sand the filled areas smooth with medium-grit sandpaper.

3. Cover the fender with a layer of gel coat. Coat the surface of the fender thoroughly and let it set until it is dry.

4. Prepare enough fiberglass resin mixture to cover the surface of the used fender according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Place fiberglass cloth on the fender. Lay enough cloth to cover the entire surface and have a 2-inch overhang on each edge of the fender. Apply the resin to cover the fiberglass cloth with a paintbrush. Start at the center and work towards the center to saturate the cloth.

5. Apply a second fiberglass cloth over the initial layer. Make this one slightly longer than the first. Saturate the fiberglass cloth by applying fiberglass resin over the cloth with a paintbrush. Repeat the procedure to create a total of four fiberglass cloth layers.

6. Remove any excess resin and air bubbles from the fiberglass cloth with a plastic putty knife. Smooth the cloth with the knife and allow the fiberglass resin to cure.

7. Remove the fiberglass mold from the fender by carefully pulling it off. Test the fender against your motorcycle for size and fitment. Trim off excess fiberglass cloth.

8. Wet sand the filter with sandpaper and water until the exterior and edges of the fender are smooth.

9. Select the desired paint and primer that matches the paint. Prime the fiberglass fender and allow the primer to set until it is dry. Apply two to three coats of paint to the fender and allow the paint to dry.

10. Drill mounting holes in the fender where there are positioned on your motorcycle. Install the fender on your motorcycle.

11. Repeat the procedures in Steps 1 to 10 to create additional fenders for various motorcycle models.