Make Multipicture Desktop Wallpaper

Put your family on your desktop built-in Windows software.

Tranquil scenes of gently falling snow, blazing sunsets and the family pet can help make your workday go faster. Windows makes it easy to keep your favorite images a click away by allowing you to use a picture as your computer’s desktop wallpaper. Simply right-click image in a browser such as Internet Explorer, for example, select “Set as Background” and enjoy your new digital wallpaper. An even better way to enjoy your digital images is to create multi-picture desktop wallpaper that changes over time. Windows helps you do that too by turning your desktop into a captivating slideshow.


1. Click your Windows “Start” button and click “Control Panel” to open the Control Panel window. A search box appears in the window’s upper right corner.

2. Type “Desktop Background” without the quotes in the search box and click the “Change Desktop Background” icon when you see it. The Choose a Desktop Background window opens. This window contains thumbnail images of a few default background pictures you can choose. Click the check boxes above pictures that you want to use on your desktop.

3. Click the “Picture Location” drop-down box to view additional locations on your computer that contain pictures. Items in the drop-down box include “Public Pictures” and “Solid Colors.”

4. Click one of those locations if you want to view thumbnails of images in the location you select. After you select a location, Windows places check marks above all thumbnail images. If you don’t want to include some of those images in your slideshow, remove the check marks from their check boxes.

5. Find the “Fit to Screen,” “Tile” and “Center” icons near the bottom of the window. Click the radio button next to one of these icons to select the way Windows will display the pictures. If you choose “Fit to Screen,” Windows enlarges images that are too small so that they fill the screen.” Choose “Tile” to display a tiled grid of small images that fill the screen. The Center option tells Windows to center an image on your wallpaper.

6. Click the “Change Picture Every” drop-down list and select the one of the time intervals in the list. For instance, if you want the pictures to change every 10 seconds, select “10 Seconds.”

7. Click “Shuffle” and then click “Save Changes” when you’ve selected all the pictures you want to appear in your desktop wallpaper slideshow.