Make My Computer Picture Fit The Screen On The Tv

Make My Computer Picture Fit the Screen on the TV

While attaching your computer to the television is a good way to improve your equity from the purchase, there are a number of different setup tasks to consider that will optimize the experience. One of the most important is sizing the screen to fit the television set. Although you might assume that you will be able to use a larger resolution (as the television is much larger than your computer monitor), many televisions have a lower resolution than comparable computer monitors, necessitating a reduction or alteration in resolution to fit the screen.


1. Right click anywhere on the desktop of your Windows computer. This will bring up a general options menu. Click on the option to “Personalize” your computer. From there, click on the option to change “Display Settings.”

2. Consult your television manual to determine the native resolution of your television set. The resolution is provided with two separate numbers – something like 1280×960 or 1024×768. If you have lost your manual, either contact the manufacturer or look online for the particular specifications of your model.

3. Adjust the resolution slider on the lower left side of the window to match the native resolution of your television.

4. Press “OK” to confirm your choice, then “OK” again when the confirmation dialogue appears. Reboot the machine after resetting the resolution to make it “stick” in the computer’s memory, avoiding the need to change it again so long as the machine remains hooked up to the TV.