Make Scrapbooks For Men

A scrapbook can be a wonderful gift to give to a man. Not only is it usually not that expensive to put together, but it is a present that will almost surely be treasured. The scrapbook can be filled with memories that the recipient can enjoy for a lifetime. When you are making a scrapbook for a man, skip the flowers and ribbons, because this present is going to have a masculine feel to it.


1. Choose a basic color scrapbook that can go with any theme. Look for a scrapbook in a color such as tan, navy blue or brown that may appeal to men. You can find these in any craft store, where you can also find any scrapbooking papers, stamps, stickers or die-cuts that you want.

2. Create a scrapbook of his childhood sports memories if he participated in athletics as a child. Many of these items the parents hold on to, so you may have to go to them for help. Pick up any ribbons, medals, certificates and pictures that you can and put them together in the scrapbook. Decorate the background of the pages with sports themed scrapbook paper and apply any sports themed die-cuts or stickers that coincide with the sports he played.

3. Create a scrapbook of events and activities he has enjoyed during his adult life. This can include sporting events, trips or any other activities or events that hold special meaning to him. Many of the mementos of these trips are usually shoved in various places instead of being neatly organized. Put them all into a scrapbook for him, decorate the pages accordingly and present it to him as a gift.

4. Create a wedding scrapbook for him. While many couples only have one joint wedding album, it may be nice to make a special one just for him. In addition to pictures and various little mementos, include small notes in certain areas of the scrapbook dictating what made certain moments special or what you loved about a certain picture. You may also want to include a personalized note inside the front cover.

5. Take any pictures that you can find of him and his child(ren) and put them together in a scrapbook. Create captions for the photographs and separate them into sections according to the child’s age. Decorate accordingly and, for a finishing touch, write an inscription on the inside front cover.