Make The Tm Symbol

You can create a TM symbol.

The ™ symbol identifies a trademark. A trademark is a word or phrase that shows ownership and distinguishes a brand, whether it is a service or a product, from competitors. There is no ™ key on a computer keyboard, and the symbol is typically created in uppercase letters in a superscript font. There are some options, however, that allow for the creation of the ™ symbol as presented in this paragraph, including the use of codes and shortcuts.


1. Make a ™ symbol in Microsoft Word. Type the letters TM onto a Word document. Select the text, right-click and choose “Font.”

2. Click on the “Font” tab of the dialog. Select “Small Caps” and “Superscript” in the “Effects” section. Click “OK” to apply the changes.

3. Select the text again and press the keyboard shortcut “Alt-F3.” The “Create AutoText” dialog box will open. Type a shortcut for the entry, such as ™, and press “OK” to save the entry. When ™ is typed in a Word document, the ™ symbol will appear after pressing “Enter.”

4. In Microsoft Word, Publisher and other similar programs, go to the “Insert” menu and click “Symbol.” Find the ™ symbol in the list, select it and insert it.

5. Make the ™ symbol on a website or other location using Unicode. Press and hold down the “Alt” key and type “0153.” When the Alt key is released, the ™ symbol will appear.