Make Vuze Work With Xbox 360

With Vuze device playback, you can use your Xbox 360 to watch movies and listen to music on your television without taking up space on your Xbox 360’s hard drive. Once you’ve purchased music or movies and have those files stored on your computer’s hard drive, you can simply drag and drop the files from the Vuze BitTorrent client to your Xbox 360. Vuze is then programmed to automatically convert media files into compatible files for your Xbox 360.


1. Turn on your Xbox 360 game console and your television.

2. Launch Vuze on your computer, and click the “Turn On” button next to Devices. An Xbox 360 icon will appear under the Devices heading.

3. Drag media files from your computer or from your Vuze library to the Xbox 360 icon listed under Devices.

4. Click “HD” or “SD” in the Vuze program. SD stands for standard definition and HD for high definition. HD files are bigger than SD files. Depending on the size of the file or number of files, it may take several hours for Vuze to convert the files to a compatible format for your Xbox 360. Converting the file is called transcoding in Vuze.

5. Navigate to the “My Xbox Channel” on your video game console. You need to be signed in to your Xbox 360.

6. Select “Vuze” from the Video Library or Music Library tab depending on the type of file you want to stream.

7. Locate the file you want to listen to or watch and select it. The file will begin playing.