Make Wallpaper Look Perfect On A Laptop Computer

Make Wallpaper Look Perfect on a Laptop Computer

Selecting unique wallpaper for your computer’s desktop is one step in beautifully customizing your individual workspace. Your notebook most likely comes outfitted with a selection of standardized wallpapers, but sometimes adding a picture from a fun family vacation or your favorite sports team logo can make things a bit more personal. Whether you are using a personal photo or one you’ve found online, size does matter if you want to get the image looking perfect on your screen as wallpaper. Any computer desktop wallpaper can be easily customized in a few simple steps, and achieving the perfect wallpaper look is all about its positioning.


1. Select the image you would like to set as your new wallpaper. Search for wallpaper online or use a personal photo already stored on your computer. If you are searching online, you can search for pre-made wallpapers by the dimensions of your computer‘s screen. If you are unsure of the pixel-by-pixel dimensions of your computer’s desktop, plug in your computer’s make and model in a search engine and “dimensions” to help.

2. Go to your computer‘s desktop settings in Control Panel (PC) or System Preferences (Mac). On a Mac, you can choose to Fit to Screen, Fill Screen, Stretch to Fill Screen, Center or Tile. You can easily try each option and your computer will show you how the wallpaper looks at each setting in the background as you select any one from the drop down menu. For a personal photo, Fill Screen option may look best. Similarly on a PC, you can decide between positioning Fit to Screen, Tile and Center. Again, Fit to Screen will zone in on an image’s focal point but try viewing your image tiled or centered as well.

3. Crop your photo if you would like. Use image-editing software such as iPhoto (Mac) to crop or to add further customizations to your photo before you set it as your wallpaper. This can also be done online at websites such as Photobucket.