Make Wallpaper With Gimp

GIMP is a popular freeware graphics program that has many of the same capabilities of programs such as Photoshop or Painter, but it doesn’t cost anything. Its modular interface can take getting used to, but, once you do, there are many projects you can do in it. One such project is to create your own wallpaper for your desktop.


1. Open GIMP. Then go to “File” and click “New.” A dialog box will pop up.

2. Click on the “Template” drop-down arrow and, from the list, select the screen resolution you use for your computer. For instance, if you have it set to 800×600, that is the one you should pick.

3. Go to “File” and click “Open.” Browse to an image you would like to use as your desktop wallpaper. The image should be at least as large as the resolution you picked. Go to “Select” and click “All.” Then go to “Edit” and click “Copy.”

4. Go back to the new file you opened in Step 1, go to “Edit,” and click “Paste.” Now go to the toolbar, select the “Move” tool; use it to position the image.

5. Go to “File” and click “Save.” Save the file as a JPEG. Close GIMP. Right-click on your screen, then select “Properties” and, in the dialog that pops up, click on the “Desktop” tab. Browse to the JPEG you save, select “Center” and click “OK.”